A total eclipse of conventional solar.

Designed by SunPowerTM in the Silicon Valley, MaxeonTM solar cell technology makes more energy from every drop of sunshine. Factor in our elegant styling and impressive durability, and it’s no wonder we outshine the rest.


MaxeonTM Quality Cells

Compared to a conventional panel, a SunPowerTM solar panel produces 60% more energy over the first 25 years.1

  • 1. SunPower 360W compared to a Conventional Panel on same sized arrays (260W, 16% efficient, approx. 1.6 m2), 4% more energy per watt (based on PVSyst pan files), 0.75%/yr slower degradation (Campeau, Z. et al. "SunPower Module Degradation Rate," SunPower white paper,  2013). See sunpower.com/facts for details.

Low bills meet high design.

SunPowerTM SignatureTM Black solar panels make a statement about your good taste while reducing your monthly energy bill.


The hardest working systems under the sun.

If you’re going solar, go all the way. SunPowerTM solar panels are designed to wake up earlier, work harder, and turn off later in the day. 2 So you can make the most of abundant solar energy and the vast savings it brings.

  • 2. Based on a simulation under identical conditions comparing a 300 W conventional panel using Sandia National Laboratories™ Photovoltaic Array Performance Model and weather data for San Jose, California.
Real-World Reliability

SunPowerTM solar systems are meticulously designed and tested to stand up to some of the harshest conditions: 
temperature swings, battering winds, humidity, hail and more.

That’s why we expect our solar panels to have a useful life of over 40 years. 3

  • 3. SunPower® Module 40-Year Useful Life,” SunPower whitepaper. 2013. Useful life is 99 out of 100 panels operating at more than 70% of rated power.

SunPowerTM Complete Confidence Panel Warranty

SunPower's Complete Confidence Panel Warranty provides the industry's only 25-year Power, Product and Service Warranty. We have absolute confidence in our panels' ability to deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time—backed by extensive third party testing and field data from our more than 20 million panels deployed.