"We are excited about the new generation of SunPower's revolutionary Oasis® tracker system. This system dramatically simplifies utility scale solar. SunPower has optimized every component of the power plant, reducing not only components costs, but construction installation costs."


Mike Little, Executive Vice President at Moss Construction


Faster site development

Power plant development now starts in the sky where we deploy our fleet of aerial drones to quickly survey new project sites. The drones feed real-time data back to our Oasis GEOTM system which rapidly renders an accurate site survey.


Easier construction and O&M

SunPower Oasis has a simplified DC electrical architecture that's faster to install, fewer module struts and piles, and eliminates materials such as tracker motor batteries, cable trays, and combiner boxes which are common causes of system deficits and defects.


Eco-friendly cleaning robots

SunPower’s solar panel cleaning system can increase annual energy production by up to 15% while using 75% less water than manual cleaning methods and accomplishing the task 10 times faster.1

  • 1. Based on experience with robotic cleaning at actual SunPower sites, compared to data tracked by subcontracted manual cleaners utilized at a SunPower project.

Wider spacing between rows

The Oasis power plant features array-integrated roads which enable easier access for service vehicles and land maintenance. With a taller profile and more space, project sites become dual-use investments, housing solar, as well as agriculture.


Maximum site fill ratios

We’ve unlinked the Oasis trackers, made them twice as wide and half the length of a typical system, and engineered them to withstand a 10° slope that provides greater energy density and ground coverage.


Featuring P-Series Solar Panels

With our Performance panels we achieved the impossible: combine the affordability of front contact cells with the quality and reliability of SunPower solutions. And the result is the most efficient panel of it’s kind on the market.

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A better warranty starts with a better product

SunPower’s Complete Confidence Panel Warranty provides the industry’s only 25-year Power, Product and Service backing. We have absolute confidence in our panels’ ability to deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time.


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Real-time monitoring secures your investment
Our remote operations control center (ROCC) monitors and controls Oasis power plants around the world 24x7x365.


SunPower® OasisTM Power Plant Brochure

Learn more about what makes the Oasis platform unique including rapid site optimization, faster construction, more lifetime energy, and predictable long-term performance.


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