Herbert Solar Power Plant South Africa

These two solar power projects will be an all-around winner for the region with local construction jobs, increased production for our Cape Town manufacturing facility and clean, reliable future energy.”

– Howard Wenger, Regions President, SunPower

SunPower has broken ground in December 2012 on two South African ground-mount solar power projects totalling 33 megawatts (MW). Both projects are located near Douglas, South Africa in the Northern Cape Province.

Both projects are part of the South African government’s Independent Power Producers Procurement Program. Developers AE-AMD Renewable Energy appointed SunPower as the EPC (Engineering, Construction and Procurement) on both projects, based on its extensive utility-scale solar projects track record and local manufacturing facility. SunPower is responsible for both sites from design to implementation stage.

Construction started on the first site 22 MW site, beginning December 2012. The plant will consist of 91,908 modules mounted on 3,996 single-axis trackers, each in a monopole foundation. Each tracker carries 23 PV modules. The second site, namely Greefspan, an 11 MW project had construction starting in March 2013. Using a similar approach as for the Herbert site, this smaller plant will consist of a field of 1,998 single-axis trackers, using a total of 45,954 modules to complete the project.

Project Overview

Project Summary:    Herbert
System Size:    22 MW
Covered Surface Area:    127 Hectares
Construction Start Date:    December 2012
Project Sumamry:    Greefspan
System Size:    11 MW
Covered Surface Area:    44 Hectares
Construction Start Date:    March 2013


The construction of these power plants has numerous benefits to the community and the environment as a whole. Based on the annual production capacity of both sites, the following annual milestones can be achieved:

CO2 Emission Reduction (Tons):     68,000
Equivalent to Tons of Coal Not Burned:    13,425
Equivalent to Litres of Gasoil Not Consumed:    12.5 million