SunPower Builds the Largest Solar Power Plant in the World

The construction in our region of the largest generating photovoltaic plant in the world is a great source of pride for the entire municipality. Thanks to SunPower, we are pursuing a development model that provides social and educational benefits to the whole community.”

– Salvatore Carai, Mayor of Montalto di Castro

As of its completion in December, 2010, the Montalto di Castro 84 MW solar power plant developed and built by SunPower is the largest power plant in the world, based on annual energy produced.

SunPower worked in close collaboration with the entire community of Montalto di Castro, making use of local design firms and skilled labour, and carefully addressing concerns about the potential cultural and environmental impact of a solar power plant. We took special measures to minimise the visual and environmental impact of the plant, including regenerating the ecology of the site, preserving the Etruscan archaeological remains, and avoiding use of concrete foundations to prevent adverse effects to the farmland.

SunPower has installed its proprietary technology and will be in charge of ongoing operations and maintenance for 20 years. Our non-invasive tracker technology allows for dual use with natural flora and livestock for vegetation management, while maximising energy output.

Project Overview

Location:    Montalto di Castro, Italy
SunPower Product:    SunPowerTM E18 / 305W panels
SunPower™ T0 tracker
System size:    84 MW (dc)
Annual Energy Production:    140 GW
Number of Panels:    276,156
Covered Surface Area:    166 hectares

  • Energy independence for the entire community
  • Creation of local jobs
  • Training of local workers in management and maintenance positions
  • Stimulation of the local economy
  • Dual agricultural use e.g. sheep grazing
  • Promotion of environmental awareness in the community
  • Carbon emissions saved: +70,000 tons/year