Mahindra solar power plant India

SunPower’s expertise and collaborative efforts were key to commissioning the plant with high quality standards and in record time. We look forward to working with SunPower again.

– Basant Jain, CEO, Mahindra EPC

Building a 5 MW solar PV plant in Rajasthan, India, under Phase 1 of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (NSM) presented a number of challenges for Mahindra EPC (MEPC). A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, this was their first experience with utility-scale solar. The plant needed to live up to the expectations of the Mahindra Group, one of the most respected corporations in India, known for “getting it right the first time”. The developer wanted to be the first to achieve non-recourse funding, meaning lenders would demand rock-solid guarantees of the plant’s long-term performance. And it was crucial to meet the commissioning deadline to avoid high penalties imposed by the government under the NSM.
Wanting to take no risks, Mahindra EPC partnered with SunPower for their bankable technology, proven experience and collaborative approach, choosing the SunPower™ single-axis T0 Tracker as the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective way to maximise power generation. SunPower assured the MEPC team that, despite their lack of familiarity with trackers, the T0 Tracker was easy to install, and that the SunPower team would be available to help every step of the way, from site preparation to commissioning.
Thanks to SunPower’s support and to its own highly committed and energetic team, MEPC managed to commission the 5 MW plant ahead of schedule, in a record time of just 110 days. After seven months of operation, the plant’s energy output is above the predicted performance.

Project Overview

Location:    Phalodi, Rajasthan, India
SunPower Product:    SunPower™ T0 Trackers
System Size:    5 MW
System Commissioning:    January 201

  • First PV plant connected to the grid under Phase 1 of India’s NSM scheme
  • First solar power plant in India to obtain non-recourse financing
  • Solar electricity generated powers 60,000 rural homes and avoids emissions of approximately 8,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually