KAUST rooftop solar solution

The KAUST University project represents one of the early outstanding large rooftop projects in the Middle East and we are proud to have participated in it. Saudi Arabia will, with its immense solar resources, play a central role in large scale photovoltaic projects in the coming decades.”

– Jörn Jürgens, Managing Director, UPPi Solution Group, SunPower Corp.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a new international, graduate-level research university in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. Established in 2009, the University’s goal is to drive innovation in science and technology and to support world-class research in areas such as energy and the environment.

As part of KAUST’s environmental friendly initiatives, a 2 MW photovoltaic (PV) system was installed on the roof of one of the University’s main academic campus buildings. The solar power plant, with 9,300 SunPower™ high efficiency solar panels, is the largest PV installation in Saudi Arabia to date.

Particularly for the University’s space-constrained rooftops, SunPower™ high-efficiency solar modules were chosen as the ideal solution - making the best use of the available space, and resulting in a high energy output per square meter. The actual yield of the system is almost 5% higher than planned and the annual energy production of more than 3,000 MW is used to power the campus facilities.

Project Overview

Location:    Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
SunPower Product:    SPR 215 W Solar Panels
System size:    2 MWp
Annual Energy Production:    3,281 MWh
Number of Panels:    9,300
Covered Surface Area:    11,600 m²

  • Reduction of 1,700 tonnes of carbon emissions annually
  • Supports KAUST’s goal to become a leading institute in renewable energy science and engineering
  • Raises awareness of the benefits of alternative energy energy