Elecnor Chooses SunPower T0 and T20 Trackers

The technological reliability offered by industry leader SunPower is another reason for making this choice, and one counting more than the theoretical higher energy production of dual-axis tracker systems.”

A leading Spanish business group has committed to SunPower technology. Elecnor is a world-class leading company in fields such as energy, installations, environment, transport and telecommunications. Specialized in the integrated management and development of investment projects, it promotes and builds large industrial plants and both conventional and renewable energy plants. 

As regards the latter of these, it has been developing photovoltaic, thermoelectric and wind energy, biofuel and hydroelectric power plant projects for thirty years. Elecnor works with Atersa, its subsidiary company, to develop a capacity of 160 MWs of photovoltaic energy per year.

Project Overview

Location:    7 sites throughout Spain
SunPower Product:    SunPower™ T0 Tracker & SunPower™ T20 Tracker
System size:    108 MW

  • Excellent financial performance
  • Improvement of the company’s corporate image
  • Reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere by approximately 150,000 tons/year
  • Technology with low environmental and visual impact
  • Increased land value where photovoltaic power plants are installed