Clover Solar delivers exceptional results in challenging environment with SunPower

With this successful and proven installation of SunPower’s high efficiency panels on T0 Trackers, SunPower’s product performance in Indian climatic conditions is proven beyond doubt.”

– Javed Tapia, Managing Director, Clover Solar

Clover Solar’s objective is to become an independent power producer operating its own on-grid solar PV plants in India. It also aims to be a leading provider of system integration services for on-grid and off-grid PV applications.

Clover Solar’s Maharashtra project forms the standard framework to be used for its future utility-scale projects, so the selection of the PV technology was an important criterion. Clover Solar needed to ensure that the PV technology chosen was reliable, required minimal maintenance and could cope with the extreme heat conditions typical of Central Indian Summers.
For this 2 MW project, Clover Solar decided to install the best technologies available on the market: SunPower high efficiency solar modules mounted on SunPower T0 Trackers and FirstSolar thin film panels mounted on fixed-tilt systems.

Clover Solar decided to install two different PV technologies to compare system performance. Data collected since the commissioning of the plant show that SunPower high efficiency panels mounted on T0 trackers have outperformed the neighbouring thin film system.

The SunPower system generated an average of 13% more energy than the thin film plant, peaking at 29% during the hottest days of the year; a clear demonstration of SunPower technology’s reliability in the harshest climates and its superior performance in converting light, rather than heat, into electricity.

The unrivalled expertise of SunPower’s design and project team was crucial in ensuring the plant met the highest quality standards and was commissioned in record time, thanks to the support provided to Clover Solar throughout the installation process and beyond. The T0 tracking system proved to be easy to install and simple to operate as well as extremely robust to withstand harsh weather conditions. SunPower technology coupled with its post-installation support enabled Clover Solar not only to commission the plant in record time, but also to exceed initial expectations in terms of power produced.


Location:    Taluka Baramati, Maharasthra, India
SunPower Product:    821 kWp of SunPowerTM 210N solar panels mounted on SunPower T0 Trackers; 1,200 kWp of First Solar thin film modules on fixed-tilt systems
System Size:    2 MW
System Commissioning:    October 2011

  • The plant’s power output has exceeded expected performance since commissioning
  • SunPower plant produced up to 29% more energy in the same area than the thin film one
  • SunPower modules performed well in the very hot Maharashtra climate