SunPower is an international group of companies headed by SunPower Corporation in the United States. This privacy policy informs you about the type of information that SunPower may collect about you and how we use it. It also explains how you can contact us and exercise your legal rights.

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time as described in Section 10 - Changes to the Privacy Policy.

1. Specific Privacy Statements

Certain areas of this website that invite you to submit personal information, for instance our consultation request form, may refer to a separate privacy statement. Such statements provide more detailed guidance on how SunPower will use the specific information you are submitting, and supplement the general information found in this Privacy Policy.

Consultation Request Form - Privacy Statement

Consultation Privacy Statement

The details that you provide on a web forms and during the consultation may be processed for the following purposes:

(1) Consultation - We will use the details that you submit on the web form to contact you and conduct the consultation that you have requested. These details and the information you provide during the consultation may also be processed for statistical purposes in order to improve our products and services. Please note: we may record and monitor the consultation call to help train our staff and to ensure a high quality of customer service.

(2) Sales and Aftersales - If you are interested in purchasing our solar panels, we may contact you, or we may pass your details to our distributors so that they can contact you, about your potential purchase (our solar energy products and services are usually sold through distributors). If you do choose to purchase SunPower's solar energy products and services, we may contact you to ensure that you are happy with the installation and the service you have received.

(3) Marketing - If you agree (for example by ticking the box on the web form) or if you purchase SunPower's solar energy products and services, we may contact you by mail, electronic mail, fax or social network message with information about SunPower's solar energy products and services. If you purchase SunPower's solar energy products and services, we may also contact you to carry out a customer survey for statistical purposes in order to improve our products and services. You can opt out at any time by following the instructions set out at the bottom of each communication and in our privacy policy .

(4) Information about you from third party sources - We may supplement the details you provide with further information about you gathered from third party sources. For instance, we may use your email address to gather information about which social networks and other web services you subscribe to.

The above processing is controlled by SunPower Corporation (with registered office at 77 Rio Robles, San Jose, California 95134, USA).

In common with most international organisations, the SunPower group uses centralised IT systems located outside of Europe. Your details will be transferred to and stored on IT systems hosted in the USA under the control of SunPower Corporation. SunPower Corporation may use these details for the purposes outlined above and to manage its global business. Although data protection laws in the USA do not offer the same level of protection as in Europe, SunPower Corporation is contractually bound to comply with European data protection law by an agreement approved by the European Commission. SunPower Corporation is located at 77 Rio Robles, San Jose, California 95134, USA.

If you would like information about SunPower's processing of personal data in general or your statutory rights to access or amend your personal data, please refer to our privacy policy . You can contact SunPower Corporation at the postal address above or by email to

2. Children and Teenagers
This website is not directed to and should not be used by children under 18. SunPower does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 18.

3. Browsing information collected whenever you access this website
A. Our collection of browsing information

In common with the majority websites, SunPower collects certain information whenever you access this website, as follows:

(I) Browser details

SunPower collects certain information made available by your browser. This includes your IP address, your computer's operating system, your browser name and version number and the web pages that you viewed before, during and just after visiting the website.

(II) Web Cookies

SunPower uses "web cookies" that it places on your computer whenever you visit this website in order to distinguish between and to log access by each visitor's browser.

Please visit for further information about cookies. This website tells you how you can change the settings of your browser to refuse cookies and how to delete cookies that have already been stored on your computer. Please note that if you set your browser to refuse all cookies, certain features of our website may not function correctly or at all as a result.

(III) Web Beacons

SunPower may also place "web beacons" into the pages of this website, that are usually invisible to you. A web beacon is an object that can be used to check when your browser has accessed the part of our website in which it is placed.

Please visit for further information about web beacons. You cannot refuse to accept web beacons, but you can make them ineffective by changing your browser settings to refuse all web cookies.

B. Our use of browsing information

SunPower uses browsing information gathered from visitors to better understand how they use this website and to produce statistical reports of aggregate website activity. By identifying patterns and trends related to visitor use, SunPower is able to improve the design of this website and the browsing experience of visitors, both in terms of content and ease of use.

The browsing information we collect from visitors is processed anonymously. However, if you have provided SunPower with personal details, for instance when you register for a account on our website, SunPower may link your browsing information to these details.

C. Our communication of browsing information to others

From time to time, SunPower may release in aggregate the browsing information it has gathered from visitors, such as by publishing a report on trends in the usage of this website.

4. Information SunPower collects about you
A. Our collection of information about you

There are a number of circumstances when SunPower collects information about you, for instance when you place an order for a SunPower product or service or contact our customer service. We also collect information about you when you register with this website, use this website to request a consultation or 'contact us' or otherwise use any interactive features and services that we may make available from time to time on this website.

SunPower does not seek sensitive information about you (such as health or medical history, ethnicity, political leanings, religious beliefs, trade union membership, sexual preferences, etc.) and you should not provide such information to us.

B. Our use of information about you

SunPower uses information about you in order:

  • to respond to visitor and customer queries
  • to provide you with products or services you have requested via the website, such as our free consultation service or (where available) our online solar panel monitoring service
  • if you are interested in purchasing SunPower products and services, to provide distributors / installers of SunPower products in your area with your information so they can contact you with purchasing and pricing details
  • if you purchase SunPower products and services, to process your order and to supply and/or install such products and services
  • to keep in contact with you in relation to your purchase of SunPower products and services, your website registrations and compliance with the terms and conditions of use of this website
  • to improve SunPower products and services
  • if you agree or otherwise where permitted by applicable law, to send you information promoting SunPower's products and services by post, fax, telephone, email and/or via social networks and other web-based services you subscribe to.
  • to gather further information about you from third party sources. For instance, we may use your email address to gather information about which social networks and other web services you subscribe to.

C. Our communication of information about you to others

In general, SunPower does not share, rent, lease or sell the information it collects about you to others. However, SunPower may provide information about you to others where it is necessary to do so in order to provide you with a product or service you have requested, with your prior consent or otherwise where required by law. In particular:

(I) Information you choose to post in an online forum, blog, message board, chat room or similar

This website may make use of interactive forums, blogs, message boards, chat rooms, etc. Unless clearly indicated to the contrary, any information that you post may be viewed by others and/or the general public. We urge you to use good judgment and not disclose any information about you that you do not want other users to know.

(II) Information you choose to reveal to others about your SunPower system via your mobile device

If available in your country, this website may allow you to register for a monitoring service so you can view the performance of your SunPower solar power system online on a private webpage. If you download our monitoring application, you can also view your system statistics on your mobile.

The mobile application allows you to send an email containing a link to your private webpage. SunPower will allow anyone that clicks on the link to access your private webpage including your system statistics so please be careful about who you email this link to. The link will expire after eight days, following which it cannot be used to view your private webpage.

(III) Information that you choose to include in Notices sent to SunPower

Copyright infringement notices submitted to SunPower will be forwarded to the person responsible for the alleged infringement. Other complaints about the content of our website may also be forwarded to any persons referred to in the complaint, but we will edit out your name and contact information if you ask us to.

(IV) Information that you choose to provide to SunPower in our customer surveys

SunPower may invite you to participate in surveys aimed at improving our products and services and this website. If you choose to complete a survey, the information you provide to SunPower will only be disclosed to other companies in an anonymous, aggregate manner.

(V) Information you choose to provide SunPower as part of contests, giveaways and other promotions.

SunPower may offer you the opportunity to participate in contests, giveaways and other promotions. You will not be required to participate but if you choose to do so, SunPower will use any information about you that you are asked to submit as indicated in the terms of the specific contest, giveaway or promotion.

5. Disclosures to group companies and other third parties
SunPower may disclosure your personal data to specific third parties for the following purposes:

A. Group companies

SunPower stores the information it collects via this website and other sources (such as our customer call centres) on centralised computer systems. It may be accessed by SunPower Corporation in the United States for the purposes set out in this privacy policy. SunPower Corporation is the parent company of the SunPower group and is located at 3030 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95134, USA.

B. Employees, third party manufacturers and third party service providers

SunPower will disclose the information it collects to its employees, partners, affiliates, distributors, partners, vendors and suppliers that:

(I) process information on behalf of SunPower

(II) participate with us in the provision or operation of this website

(III) provide you with products and services relating to your SunPower system. For example, if you sign up for our solar panel monitoring service, we combine information we collect from your PV solar system (including solar electrical production, inverter operation and home electrical consumption) with your contact details (name, postal address and phone number) and provide this to dealers who provide installation, operation and maintenance services for your SunPower system.

C. Authorised or required by law to protect rights

SunPower will disclose information it has collected about you:

(I) if required or authorised to do so by applicable law (domestic or overseas) or in response to a court order or its equivalent

(II) in order to protect against fraud or to protect property or other rights of SunPower or others

(III) if we believe you have abused a service offered by SunPower via this website or otherwise by using it to attack other computer systems or to gain unauthorised access to any other computer system, to engage in spamming or otherwise to act in unlawful manner or to breach the terms of use of the service (or this website).

D. Sale or insolvency of SunPower

SunPower may disclose the information it has collected about you to another company, and our and its professional advisors, in the event of a merger or sale of our business or if SunPower enters insolvency proceedings. Unless ordered by court or you agree otherwise, the use and disclosure of such information by the new company will be in accordance with this privacy policy. However, information collected about you after the transfer or sale of our business may be subject to a new privacy policy adopted by the new company.

E. Third party marketing

If you agree to receive marketing from other companies, we will disclose your email address and other contact details to other companies so that they can contact you directly about their products and services.

You can tell us to stop providing your contact details to other companies by emailing Please note that you may still receive marketing from other companies that have already been provided with your contact details. You will need to contact such other companies directly if you wish them to stop sending you marketing.

6. Security
SunPower takes all reasonable precautions to protect the security of your personal information. However, please be aware that neither people nor security systems are entirely foolproof. Therefore, while we use reasonable efforts to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. Any unauthorised access to or use of this website or the information stored by SunPower should be reported to us immediately by sending an email to:

7. Storage and use of information about you outside the European Union
SunPower stores the information it collects via this website and other sources (such as our customer call centres) on centralised computer systems hosted by or on behalf of SunPower Corporation. These are located outside of the European Union, primarily in the United States.

Please be aware that data protection laws in the United States do not currently offer the same level of protection as in Europe and you may have fewer statutory rights in respect of information stored and processed by SunPower Corporation about you.

8. Linked websites
SunPower does not control the collection or processing of information via third party sites that are accessible through this website. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the collection or processing of information about you via third party sites. You should review the privacy policies of any third party sites you visit and take the necessary steps to protect your privacy.

9. Call Recording and Monitoring
If we communicate with you by phone (for instance, if we call you to conduct a consultation you have requested via this website or if you call our customer service centre with a query about one of our products), please be aware that we may record and monitor our call to help train our staff and to ensure a high quality of customer service.

10. Changes to the Privacy Policy
Due to changes in technology, applicable law and the activities of SunPower, or due to other business reasons, SunPower may need to modify this privacy policy.

We will contact registered users if we do so, which is why it is important that you notify us immediately if your email address changes. We will also put the new version of this privacy policy on this website with a notice advising of the change. It is therefore important that you regularly check this website for any announcements affecting this policy.

Except as otherwise provided, the revised privacy policy will replace the previous version from the date of the change and will apply to all information we process about you (regardless when the information was collected).

11. Your rights of access, rectification, deletion and objection
You have certain rights in relation to our collection and use of information about you. In particular, you are entitled to a copy of the information that we process about you and you may request the rectification, cancellation or deletion of any information that we process about you that is not accurate or up-to date.

You can exercise these rights by writing to us at, or by sending an email to, the addresses listed at the end of this policy, including your full name and contact details. You may be asked to prove your identify.

12. Contact Us
If you wish to contact SunPower, please email If you wish us to reply, please also include your full name and contact details.

SunPower Customer Service
77 Rio Robles
San Jose, CA 95134
Telephone: +1-800-786-7693 (US)

This privacy policy was last updated on December 05, 2014.