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Make the switch to solar in 3 easy steps

sunpower solar consultation with customers

1. Find the right installer

It’s important that you hire a professional solar installer who knows what solar works best in your specific geographic region. Weather and sunlight vary from region to region, so you want to hire an installer who can design a system that works well in your climate.

Make sure that your installer comes to your home for an in-person assessment of your roof and electricity usage so that they can customize a solution that will optimise your savings.


sunpower solar installers placing panels on roof

2. Installation

A typical home solar installation can be completed in one to two days. Every local municipality has different permitting and building code standards, and they change frequently. If your installer has a strong relationship with the local permitting offices and inspectors, it can help your installation go smoothly, avoiding potential hold-ups caused by changes in local codes or utility requirements.


solar panels on home in UK

3. Activation

Get ready to flip the switch.

After inspections are complete and final connections are made to your local utility, it’s time to shine with solar energy savings from SunPower!