SunPower Believes in the Power of the Sun

We believe in the promise of the sun.

It is the most abundant, most liberating energy source of all.


We believe the sun belongs to everyone.
We’re committed to unlocking its vast energy so all of us can enjoy the freedom it provides. 


We believe that quality matters. 
Since 1985, we’ve created the very best solar solutions in the world – and set a few records along the way. 


We believe in changing the way our world is powered. 
For our kids. For the planet. Forever.

Planet Solar is powered buy SunPower

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Setting Sail with SunPower

Departing from Monaco, SunPower took to the high seas for an epic journey without a drop of fuel. PlanetSolar, a massive catamaran equipped with our Maxeon solar cells, withstood the harshest conditions to sail around the globe, breaking two world records. Three years later, it topped its own record by four days.



Sunpower Flexible Beans
Sunpower Flexible Beans





Lighting Up Lives

For those living in the Smokey Mountain dump site in the Philippines, the lack of electricity makes life a struggle – to live, to study, to work toward a better future. Our 3S Solar Service Stations provides rechargeable solar lanterns, casting a ray of hope upon hundreds of families and creating desperately-needed jobs.

Sunpower Flexible Beans



Reaching New Heights

SunPower innovation takes flight with Solar Impulse – a solar powered plane that made history crossing the entire U.S., fuel-free. Next up in 2015? The first solar flight around the world, using a special Maxeon solar cell design of remarkable lightness and efficiency.

Sunpower Flexible Beans