The Highest Efficiency Solar Products Under the Sun

SunPower designs, manufactures and delivers the highest efficiency solar products in the industry. SunPowerTM solar cells convert sunlight to electricity at a world record efficiency of 22.4%, which means they produce up to 50% more energy per square meter than other solar technologies. When it comes to real world conditions, including high temperatures and low-light, SunPower consistently outperforms the competition.

At SunPower we've leveraged the high-tech performance of our solar cells, combining high-efficiency solar panels with smart rooftop and tracker solutions.

  • solar panels roof house

    SunPower Solar Panels

    SunPower Solar Panels are the most efficient photovoltaic panels on the market today. They produce more power in the same amount of space compared to conventional panels.

  • Solar panel warranty for businesses

    The SunPower 25-Year Combined Warranty

    Our 25-year combined warranty leads the industry in overall coverage with guarantees of high performance and repair of under-performing panels.

  • SunPower Rooftop Solutions

    Rooftops provide the opportunity to turn unused space into an energy-producing, cost-cutting asset. Built around the record-breaking SunPower Maxeon solar cell technology, our solar rooftop products allow you to generate the most solar energy possible on your roof.

  • SunPower Ground-Mounted Solutions

    SunPower is the global leader of ground-mounted solutions, offering the most reliable, efficient and bankable products on the planet.

  • Solar Concentrator / SunPower C7 Tracker 2

    SunPower Off-Grid Solutions

    SunPower offers a wide range of off-grid applications for telecommunication and mining companies, fully solar and/or hybrid (solar/diesel).

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SunPower Tracking Systems: Reliability & Maintenance

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PlanetSolar – First around the world with SunPower

Embarking on its maiden voyage in September 2010, PlanetSolar is the first vehicle to have successfully circumnavigated the globe using only solar energy; SunPower high-efficiency solar cells were used to propel the solar ship, which, following a course close to the equator, travelled for 19 months, visiting 28 countries across 5 continents.
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