off-grid solar power oil and gas

Ideal off-grid solar power solutions for Telecom and Oil & Gas companies

For nearly 30 years, SunPower has been designing, deploying and maintaining a wide range of off-grid solutions to suit local geographical specificities and meet the energy consumption needs, offering standard and back up PV solutions, fully solar and hybrid (solar/diesel).

off-grid solar telecom

Turn-key solutions to reduce Telecom companies' operating expenses

Solar has been identified as a strategic investment by telecom operators: a reliable way to reduce energy operating expenses with a short payback time, in comparison to traditional diesel solutions or other sources of energy. SunPower is the global leader in off-grid Telecom solar solutions for more than 20 years. We installed our first telecom system in Togo in 1989, and since a total of 3,000 systems has been installed worldwide. 
SunPower can supply high efficiency and reliable full turnkey solutions, for multiple telecommunication applications, all forms of transmitting base stations and fperipheral infrastructures such as lighting, security and air conditioners.


off-grid solar power oil and gas

Reliable solutions for Oil & Gas mission-critical assets

The Oil & Gas industry has various critical small-load assets that depend on highly reliable power supplies in remote areas where utility power is not available. Industry operators have identified solar power as a viable alternative and/or complement to diesel generators. 

SunPower, has supplied more than 6,000 customised off-grid solar solutions worldwide and more than 1,900 off-grid solar systems In the Middle East alone.  

Off-grid solar solutions

Off-grid solar solutions pays off

Digicel chose SunPower as its solar partner, thanks to its extensive experience in deploying and maintaining turn-key off-grid systems for the telecom sector in all types of challenging conditions. The decision has quickly paid off. Digicel, Haiti has seen a 90% reduction in the monthly operating costs of the base stations deployed with solar.