What to Expect from Your SunPower Solar Evaluation

What to expect

  • After you sign up for a free assessment you'll receive an email or phone call from a local SunPower Dealer
  • The first thing they'll need is the past 12 months of electric bills for your home
  • A customized preliminary evaluation will be provided
  • If solar makes sense for your home your installer will perform an onsite visit to finalize your system design
    • Allow 1 to 2 hours for your comprehensive onsite visit
    • Schedule a time that all adults in the household can be present
    • Make a list of any questions you may have
    • Allow access to the roof and house perimeter for a complete evaluation

Financing Your SunPower System

A SunPower Loan or Lease enables you to spread the cost of your solar system out over time and start saving money today. Many of our programs require no money down, and have low payments.Ask your SunPower dealer to discuss the wide range of available financing options so you can be sure that your SunPower system fits both your energy needs and your finances.

Want to learn more? Call 1.800.SUNPOWER and ask to be connected to a financing expert, or email financing@sunpower.com.

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SunPower® High Efficiency Panels are the Perfect Fit for the Amato Family

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