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This special program was designed specifically for Princeton University faculty, staff and retirees to utilize solar power, a renewable energy source to reduce carbon emissions, save money on utility bills and meet a significant portion of home electricity needs.

SunPower makes it easy to go solar.

Introducing the Princeton University Employee Solar Program

Lower your electric bills. Turn sunlight into energy you can use to power your home. And get a rebate check from SunPower. Saving on solar has never been easier, thanks to our Princeton Employee Solar Program.

Big Savings on SunPower® Solar

SunPower makes the most powerful solar panels on the planet. Now we make them surprisingly affordable thanks to our exclusive Princeton University Employee Solar Program. Designed expressly for Princeton University employees, the Princeton University Employee Solar Program will help you save on solar, save on electricity bills, and save the planet. Purchase a SunPower solar system and we’ll rebate up to $1,500 on your purchase1. For employees who lease a SunPower system for zero down, the program includes a rebate of $5002.
Limited Time Holiday Offer:  In honor of the holiday season, SunPower is offering an additional $500 rebate ($1,000 total) on all leased systems.
* Sign up for a free solar evaluation by 12/31/14 to lock in this promotion.

Financial Incentives Make Solar Affordable

Federal, state, and local solar incentives and tax credits can help reduce costs on top of your Employee Solar Program rebate. In the end, you could potentially save up to 50% off your system's cost when you buy a SunPower solar system.

Getting Started is Simple

Sign up now for a free solar evaluation. We’ll schedule a visit with a local SunPower dealer, who will get you started with a proposal based on your home’s unique energy needs.

1To be eligible for this rebate on a system purchase, you must fill out the request for a home evaluation form on this site, be the owner of the home, and must work with an approved SunPower dealer in your local area who participates in the rebate program.
2Lease available in select markets.  Check with your local SunPower dealer to find out if lease programs are available in your state.

Additional Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to receive this special rebate and discount, employees must first sign up for a free solar evaluation through this program’s website and either (a) claim the offer or (b) contact SunPower directly to claim the offer via the email address.  
This program rebate is only available for new, first-time SunPower customers. This offer cannot be applied to quotes on existing SunPower proposals or past SunPower purchases, or combined with other offers. This offer must be presented at the time of inquiry before a SunPower proposal for your home is generated, so please be sure to notify your SunPower installer that you may qualify for this offer during your free solar evaluation.  This special rebate and discount is not available to employees who do not comply with the terms and conditions listed above.


Lower your electric bills today.


Contact us by email regarding your Employee Solar Program:
Or call us at:
1 - 877 779 7496


SunPower® High Efficiency Panels are the Perfect Fit for the Amato Family

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